Monday, August 4, 2014

1492 song by Monvelyno Alexis. Vocals: Monvelyno Alexis and Riva Nyri Precil

BOHIO MUSIC band releases "1492"

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written and composed by Monvelyno Alexis 2014

Voices Monvelyno Alexis and Riva Precil  

Translation from Haitian Creole to English 

In 1492 the colonizers debarked 
With their cross, rosary and bible in hand
They came to civilize
They came to evangelize 
The colonizers killed everything they came in contact with
They eliminated children and adults on the island
The colonizers massacred children and adults on the island 

My country, hold on ay
Haiti hold on, hold on tight
My beautiful mother, hold on tight

Give us back our country 
Give us back our country

1804 we chased the colonizers out effortlessly
1934 we chased the colonizers out effortlessly
In '94 the colonizers returned relentlessly to dominate us 

If we all mobilize
If all Haitians have the desire
If we all organize ourselves
We'll chase the colonizers out
We'll chase MINUSTAH out 

Hold on tight
Hold on to our culture
Hold on to our tradition
Hold on to your mother
Hold on....

(various shout outs of things dear to Haitians)

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Collaborative Peace Poem by Michelle Karshan and others

Peace Poem by Michelle Karshan (collaborative poem – send in your suggestions for additional “peace” or “piece” phrases. Thank you so far to Caitlin Karshan, Alain Charles, Hilary Bieber and OneLove for their contributions) posted in 2008. Revised 2014

Collaborative Peace Poem 
Michelle Karshan
 and others

Peace march
Peace God
Peace pipe
Peace up in here! (Hilary Bieber)
A piece of the pie
Nobel Peace Prize
Department of Peace
International Day of Peace
Imagine Peace Tower
Teaching Peace
Planting Peace
Increase the Peace
Peace Broker
Peace Protest
Rest in Peace
The Mideast Peace Talks
The Paris Peace Talks
Peace and Tolerance (OneLove)
Parents for Peace
Veterans for Peace
Pathways to Peace
Peace on Earth Goodwill to Men
Peace, love and hair grease! (Caitlin Karshan)
World peace
Pray for Peace
The Peace Museum
The Mideast Peace Talks, again!
United Nations Peacekeeping?
Piece of shit
Piece of the action
Piece of ass
A piece of the rock
A piece of rock
Piece of advice
Peace of mind
Piece of work!
Fighting for peace?
Blessed are the Peacemakers
Build Peace
Peace Corps
Peace and Reconciliation
The Mideast Peace Talks, still!
Witness for peace
Peace Brigades
Peace Games
World Peace Day
Peace Talks
Peace Treaty
A piece of paper
Waging peace
Inner peace
Peace symbols
Peace dove
Love and peace
Peace and hugs (Hilary Bieber)
Peace sign
Peace through art
The art of peace
Peace of chalk (Alain Charles)
The Peaceable Kingdom
Animals for Peace (Hilary Bieber)
Peace and art (Hilary Bieber)
Peace, love and happiness
Hand me that piece (Alain Charles)
Make peace
Peace Education
War and Peace (Hilary Bieber)
Peace and Justice
No peace, no justice!
Grandmothers for peace
Pastors for peace
Peace protestor
All we are saying is give peace a chance
Peace – pay it forward! (Hilary Bieber)
Down the road a piece
Peace and solitude
A piece of my heart
Peace and quiet
Piece of cake
Pieces of a puzzle
Piece meal


Peace is cool (Hilary Bieber)

Peace be with you (Hilary Bieber)

Peace Now!

Peace out!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Brooklyn Sudanese feast for Aleya (home from college) by Abdul and Gafar

Food Sudani!  

A Brooklyn Sudanese feast for Aleya (home from college) 
-- compliments of chef Abdul and Gaffer


Eggplant, red and green peppers stuffed with ground beef

Blender prepared vegetable salad

Tilapia fish with carrots, potato, and onion

Foul - Fava beans with tomato sauce