Monday, August 4, 2014

1492 song by Monvelyno Alexis. Vocals: Monvelyno Alexis and Riva Nyri Precil

BOHIO MUSIC band releases "1492"

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written and composed by Monvelyno Alexis 2014

Voices Monvelyno Alexis and Riva Precil  

Translation from Haitian Creole to English 

In 1492 the colonizers debarked 
With their cross, rosary and bible in hand
They came to civilize
They came to evangelize 
The colonizers killed everything they came in contact with
They eliminated children and adults on the island
The colonizers massacred children and adults on the island 

My country, hold on ay
Haiti hold on, hold on tight
My beautiful mother, hold on tight

Give us back our country 
Give us back our country

1804 we chased the colonizers out effortlessly
1934 we chased the colonizers out effortlessly
In '94 the colonizers returned relentlessly to dominate us 

If we all mobilize
If all Haitians have the desire
If we all organize ourselves
We'll chase the colonizers out
We'll chase MINUSTAH out 

Hold on tight
Hold on to our culture
Hold on to our tradition
Hold on to your mother
Hold on....

(various shout outs of things dear to Haitians)