Thursday, April 5, 2007

NYC CONDOM "I'm wearing one right now, it helps me think."

"New York, we've got you covered" and "New York's hottest new wrapper" are the attention grabbing slogans announcing NYC's new condom program. New York City has become the first city to produce and market its own line of condoms and has branded it with a logo mirroring the signs for its subway lines. Bringing its distribution to the streets, NYC has already given away five million of its condoms. NYC CONDOMs and lubricants can be ordered free of charge by not-for-profit organizations for free distribution only at To find out where individuals can pick up their NYC CONDOM, see the list of businesses (bars, hair braiding shops, etc.) in your neighborhood at Animated flash show displaying several languages calls it the "condom that speaks all languages" can be seen at where someone asks if the other had heard of the NYC CONDOM and the other answers, "I'm wearing one right now, it helps me think."