Thursday, September 13, 2007

Haiti's Kesler Pierre appears in today's New York Times

Haiti's Kesler Pierre, a stained-glass artisan, is shown in today's New York Times article, Synagogue Window Returns for Rosh Hashana, about the restoration of a stained glass window at the Eldridge Street Synagogue in Manhattan.
Photo of Kesler borrowed from the La Troupe Makandal website at

The photograph of Kesler Pierre and Raymond Clagnan reinstalling the 15-foot-wide rose window over the entrance of this historic synagogue on Manhattan's lower east side is featured prominently on the upper left hand corner of page 2 in the Times' Metro section. Click below and scroll down to second photograph and click on it to enlarge the image:,%20James

Kesler Pierre was trained in stained glass art while he still lived in Haiti. Kesler also is a former longtime key member of the famous Makandal band, and is the creator/photographer and archivist of incredible images from Haiti and historical documents relating to Haiti.

A bio of Kesler Pierre on the La Troupe Makandal website at states that:

"Kesler Pierre (Percussionist, Third Drum, and Artist), born in Port-au-Prince, is a self-trained artist who worked for a stained glass studio in Haiti. Since migrating to the United States, Mr. Pierre has compiled an extensive dossier of work in and around the New York metropolitan area. In 1997, he began to study the Haitian drum with Master Drummer Frisner Augustin of La Troupe Makandal and went on to play third drum and percussion with the group. Mr. Pierre has created clothing for the musicians and props for stage sets, most notably the sacred bottles that adorn Vodou altars. His elaborate designs derive from cosmograms traced on temple floors during Vodou rites. Scintillating with color and movement, they have drawn the admiration of audiences in the United States and France. Please visit Kesler Graphic Arts, where you can walk through galleries of his photographs on Haitian themes, restorations of historical documents, and images of Makandal's work."