Thursday, December 25, 2008

Haiti's Quiet Corner

The Basin Bleu offers secluded waters for bathing outside of Jacmel. Luke Jerod Kummer / The National

Haiti's Quiet Corner by Luke Jerod Kummer
The National Newspaper, December 20. 2008

Before I landed in Port au Prince I knew I didn’t want to stay there long. A generation of news footage had convinced me that Haiti’s capital was a city of unrest, despair and no place to holiday. When I left the airport I found the chaotic scenes I had imagined – city streets on fire with burning rubbish and UN vehicles patrolling shanty neighborhoods – as the recently elected president Rene Preval tried to find his footing in yet another of the Caribbean country’s uneasy political transitions. I was keen to escape and so the next morning Hattie, a friend from New York who had been interpreting at a medical conference, hired a driver with a 4x4 and we headed south for more tranquil grounds. Read article and see photos at