Sunday, July 22, 2007


Photo by Michelle Karshan

Irish guy celebrating St. Patrick's Day at the rooftop restaurant club Guess Who in Petionville, Haiti. Who is this guy and what year was this? I think he was working for an Irish NGO at the time... I left early but it was really getting crowded by time I left.

While living in Haiti I would go to the florist every St. Patrick's Day and get a green ribbon to wear in honor of the day. Being part Irish I always thought it important for my children to at least see me celebrating the holiday even if it only meant wearing a green ribbon or hanging out at a restaurant with other folks celebrating the day. In honor of the day, I used to buy bags of candy and cookies and set up a table outside the door to my office in the National Palace for my co-workers to enjoy.

EVERY Sunday I will try to post another photo from Haiti from the mid-90s to 2004